Monday, February 5, 2007

How green is your school?

How green is your school? Here is how mine stack up: (warning, grades link to PDF documents)

Fall 1998-Spring 1999: University of Minnesota, B-
Fall 2000-Spring 2003, Fall 2004: Carnegie Mellon University, C+
Fall 2003-Spring 2004: Yale University, B+

The word university in each line links to the main school page, the name of the school links to the program/department that I was in. The grades are how the schools' endowments do on environmental sustainability issues, not what my GPA was.

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Sarah Louise said...

Pitt is the only school I went to that made the list. (Library School, 2001-2002.) It barely passes with a D overall. But it's interesting--you'd think recycling would give food services a higher rating than it gets--it gets a poor one b/c they don't use organic. Um, I'm all for organic, but this is dorm food! When was the last time...anyways, I would probably be less defensive if Pitt had done better. The other schools I went to were under 1000 students when I went there and probably still under 3000 now, so I'm not surprised they're not on the list.