Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So Bush is talking on the teevee tomorrow night...

And given my track record of never managing to watch the entirety of a 43 television broadcast, and the fact that I can't listen for more than about 5 minutes without having to walk away in anger/frustration/flabbergastion (yes, I know that isn't a word), a sign I saw today seemed like the perfect solution.

The Lutheran church down the street is having a Prayers for Peace service tomorrow night at 7pm. That won't make me angry, and will probably be good for my heart, mind and soul. The speech is not going to be about bringing peace, but about how we can dig in our heels for a war that was unjust and poorly planned from the get-go. Hopefully, the prayer service will be about bringing peace and reconciliation to all of the people in the world. If anyone in the Chicagoland area would like to join me, its the big church just west of Ashland on Foster.

Something to remember, folks:

Its all one God. The same God. Whatever your preferred version of worship and belief is, there is one unified God that listens to all prayers equally. Even if your faith has multiple gods, those gods are each individual aspects of the one God. So please, can we stop fighting about this? That is my plea to everyone. Pass it on. No more fighting about other things under the pretense of fighting over different versions of God. Fight over pollution or poverty or inequality or the color of the sky. But don't even think about bringing religion into it.

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