Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Muggles have heard!

Freakonomics Blog » Bank Cracks Down on Wily Yarn Merchant
This story is actually true.

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Buy a Sock Club membership... if you got a code in time! (if you want to share it with me, I have a code that I'm not planning on using due to my thinking that $210 is a lot of money to spend on yarn and patterns that will further prove my inability to get sock gauge )

1 comment:

Sarah Louise said...

I shake my head...obviously these bankers are...CLUELESS!

Not that I'm buying sock yarn, but at least I know that it's a viable business model...

Now, if they could use their power to break up, Organized Crime for instance...

Yes, I'm procrastinating cleaning the SNOW off my car, is it that obvious???