Friday, January 12, 2007


The BlogThis! extension is Firefox doesn't function when using the new Blogger beta. Has anyone found a replacement dealiebob for quick blog posts? Or do you just switch back to IE or write the post from scratch? I am actually finding that the new IE7 is pretty nice to use, but maybe I need to change something in my Firefox. I hear that there is a new version that I'm sure I haven't switched to.

Also, did anyone else have a total MS Outlook meltdown yesterday morning (Thursday)? And then did you go and download and install what seemed like 10 MS Updates and then it all worked again? Or was it just at my company? You know what was the best part about it? I had my computer fixed before the IT guy could even figure out what was happening. He is a useless, salary-drawing lump as far as I can tell.

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dbthetd said...

BlogThis button on Google Toolbar?