Thursday, October 26, 2006

this started as Administrivia

I have rearranged the sidebar a bit, as I found a clever little sidebar thing (the Word Match) over at Purls and Tails when I was following a link from my SP9 Hostess' blog in the comments. It is available over at The Free Dictionary. I have no idea about their website, and I don't know if the words will change tomorrow, but mine are different from those over at Anne's blog. Give it a try. If it breaks the website when you view it, please let me know right away.

I also moved the archives down the sidebar a bit, as I have been writing over here for more than 2 years and that means that there are 25 archive links. Its a lot to keep up towards the top when there are other more fun things to put on a sidebar.

Does anyone know if Blogger Beta has a 3-bar option? I might switch if I could get the three columns going without ditching this blog entirely. Until then, I'm holding out. It worked well for me on Windows ME, I went straight from Windows 98 to XP and never felt like I was missing anything in between. I am definitely not an early-adopter when it comes to software.

My SP9 downstream pal has received her first gift, a purchased pattern that was emailed to her by Susan over at I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can. Susan was very helpful and invoiced me through PayPal and sent the pattern on to my pal so that everything stayed a secret and I didn't handle the copyrighted pattern in between, when I wasn't buying it for myself. If for some reason you want some knitting pattern copyright angst, go check out Annie Modesitt's post about it. I find that stuff interesting to read about, but I am a knitter and a dork. So take it with a grain of salt.

While exploring Annie's site I found that she has a Cafe Press shop with some good stuff. I want something from this collection, the Knit for Brains set of stuff. If you were actually shopping for me, I would like the long-sleeve tee, canvas tote bag, sweatshirt, or sticker (for my water bottle).

Keep Smiling! =)

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lorinda said...

Great post. One thing I love about the sp swaps is all the cool stuff I learn from other people. I liked Anne's word game too.

The Girl from Auntie discusses copyright issues also on her blog. She's the one who broke the Tilli Thomas story, I think.