Monday, October 16, 2006


So, SP9's rules say that I have to update regularly over here, and now, Badger
has signed on for National Blog Writing Month, for those of us who are not going to be writing novels, which are totally going to kill portions of the blogosphere for November. The deal is, you have to post something, anything, everyday in November. Even if its insipid. or pointless. Which this blog usually is, as I started this online writing thing for my own selfish reasons long ago on diaryland, and my habits have not really changed. But I'm going to do it. Soon, there will be a button on the sidebar. I might even try reading Fussy sometimes. But my blog-reading list is very long and takes up a lot of knitting time, so probably not. If only the computer could read my mind for the scrolling and clicking, keeping my hands free.

Who wants to do this along with me? Even if you've already announced it, tell me here too.

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lorinda said...

Good for you!