Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thanks Melinda!

My secret pal from the Spinning Roving Swap is great! She sent my package to my house and its lovely.
Here is a picture:
Over at Flickr! There are two other pictures with notes over there. Inside the package is:
  • A nice card made by my pal
  • Merino-Silk roving in a very nice multi-blended colorway (4 oz.)
  • sock shaped point protectors (a set of red and a set of green)
  • the Susan Bates sock needle set (yay!)
  • a pattern for ruffled leg warmers (with options to make it not-ruffley) made with hand-painted yarn. Handpainted yarn patterns are good for handspun yarn, so this is a good choice.
  • ETA: A printout of the Dragon Scale Gauntlet Pattern from Chartreuse Knits by Annemarie Pearson. This pattern was in such a neat stack (stapled separately) that I didn't notice it until I was cleaning up for my roommate's family to come over this morning. (10-15). However, I think that I might knit it up in yellow Cascade 220 for Kathryn, who I am being a One Skein Secret Pal Angel for, and I still haven't done the FO part of the swap for her.
  • And the whole thing was covered in small squares of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate, made in my pal's town.
Thanks Mel! I really enjoyed receiving this package and participating in this quick little swap.

***edited to add:
Woohoo! I got sock needles! I am still excited by this to the extent that I am still awake and typing it at midnight.

Geez, I'm a dork.

end edit***

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