Friday, September 8, 2006

Who knits this?

Okay folks, I'm asking seriously, who knits this?

More importantly, have you ever had cold elbows, but had the rest of your arm be warm? In such a way that instead of putting on a "traditional" garment (i.e. a sweater or sweatshirt) you thought to yourself, "Self, wouldn't it be great if my wrist warmer was wider, so that I could put it on my elbow?" Or maybe "Gee, wouldn't my wardrobe be improved if my gauntlet wider and without a thumb opening?"

No, of course not. Maybe in California. But I even doubt that.

I have an image of a knitter who doesn't like big projects making a hat, scarf, shrug, camisole, these elbow warmers and wrist warmers. When she could have made a hoodie and not looked ridiculous! Also, no one would have to blog about the ridiculousness of that wardrobe malfunction.

Please, if you can think of a situation when only your elbow has been cold, or why you would want to knit these, leave a comment and enlighten me.


wendy said...

So funny...I can only think of tennis elbow...which I have no clue if it would need to be warm instead of cold.

lorinda said...

I just saw a knitted garment like that, and the person said it was to cover a PICC (for long-term intravenous therapy). Can't find the knitted one, but here's a link for another--

Anonymous said...

I have a nerve injury at the elbow. When my elbow gets cold, my entire arm hurts. My one elbow is far more sensitive to cold than the rest of me, so personally I'd be happy to own one of these.

Anonymous said...

my friend had cold elbows, and I teased her by searching for cold elbows disease on google

we found your blog!


We were like, omigosh, what a cool person!

and, what a cool elbow-cozy!

Anonymous said...

My elbow got really cold too so i searched google and found this.