Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Secret Pal wants more

My Spinning Roving Swap partner wants to know more about me, so here are the answers. When I get ready for SP9, I think that I will be digging through the archives and making an entry that links to all these surveys. This one has a few new questions though... typical outfit, purse, favorite thing in nature.

1) Favorite book/movie/TV shows?
How about authors? Tom Robbins, Jane Austen. For knitting, I love Elizabeth Zimmerman and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
Movies: Pride & Prejudice, Monsters, Inc, Breakfast at Tiffany's
TV Shows: Gray's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Mythbusters, Law&Order (esp. SVU), Alias
2) Describe a typical outfit you might wear.
blue Eddie Bauer Jeans, red long sleeve t-shirt, gray polar fleece vest, sneakers, hair in a ponytail.
3) What kind of purse are you using right now?
I got it at Target in Feb 2005 when I was buying clothes to start my new job. It is kind of springlike, with a woven texture and lots of colors. For the most part it is very subtle colors though. It has a brown "leather" handle and base. It does the job, I don't love it.
4) What is your favorite item in nature?
My favorite item in nature? Hmm... flowers! Tulips, daffodils, lilies.
5) What do you do for a living?
I wrangle clients and scenery construction. Officially, I work at here as a project manager. I am directly using my degree in my first job out of school. I can't complain about that, but its still work.
6) What is your favorite flavor when it comes to sweets (chocolate, lemon, raspberry, orange, marzipan, etc)?
Chocolate! Dark Chocolate (but not ridiculous 97% dark or anything) is best, white chocolate isn't even chocolate. Ritter Sport bars with the cookie inside milk chocolate are one of my favorites in Cost Plus World Market chocolate, Dove Dark is my favorite grocery store chocolate and Take 5 is one of my favorites for check-out line candy (but I also like lots of other candy too)

I also love cookies and gummies. I am not very picky about either except that they should not be stale. I have a sweet tooth that will keep my dentist in business until I'm on my deathbed, I imagine. It will be a personal tragedy if I ever develop diabetes.
7) Do you have a type of fiber you've always wanted to spin, but haven't gotten around to it yet?
Not really, I love wool yarn, and wool fiber and my stash reflects that. I'd like to try a bit of something with sparkle in it, but in general, I'm not a sparkle girl with my yarn.
8) Why do you enjoy spinning?
Spinning is MAGIC! I am making yarn from wool. Its not difficult to do, but you can always get better at it. When I spin I am doing something that people have been doing for millenia, but has experienced a very modern resurgence of interest. I love making yarn.
9) What types of fiber do you already have waiting in the wings to be spun?
Oh my! I have Lorna's Laces wool top, a merino-silk blend from Ashland Bay, silver alpaca, carded batts I bought from someone on Spin-Sales, Day's End roving from Abi at High Prairie Fibers, a collection of roving to make neapolitan ice cream yarn, kool-aid dyed superwash merino braids and some plying. That is just in the "we are colorful, spin us now" stash cubes. Deeper in the stash I have BFL, superwash merino, Wensleydale, moorit Shetland, cotton, some Jacob (which I don't like, too coarse... I don't care if they are Bibical sheep) and some other random cream colored, carded, with a bit of VM wool-that-isn't-merino.
10) When knitting, do you prefer using straight needles, circulars or DPNs? Do you have a lot of needles? What sizes?
I prefer to use my Denise Interchangeable set whenever possible. When that doesn't work I try to use DPNs or Magic Loop, depending on the project. I have no interest in aluminum needles. Except that I want to get a Susan Bates sock set, as my gauge is still looser than I'd like for socknitting. I have plenty of needles, because I have piles of unsorted, inherited needles. But a girl can never have too many dpns.
Well, pal, I hope that this helps! And now that I've answered, I think that I will pass the questions on to the person that I am sending gifts to. Sorry that it took so long.

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Mel, yer Secret Pal said...

Yay! Thanks for answering my silly questions :) They've certainly helped me decide exactly what to send you *mwahahahahaha* :D