Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Australian Randomness

I am looking for Australian Knitbloggers to get recommendations from, and in the process I found someone who recently climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Check out Flavia's post here:
Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge Done

My mom has emailed me back about the Bridge Climb. She says no way, no how. Maybe Dad will go for it. Or they could get their own activity for half a day and I'll go climb a bridge anyway.

Oh, and the exchange rate is currently 75 cents American for every 1 dollar Australian. Sweet. Of course, the prices are higher too. Sadness.

I found the Sydney Stich'n'Bitch blog and the local yarn store (which looks gigantic and isn't just knitting), Tapestry Craft. If anyone knows of yarn stores in Sydney, Brisbane or Noosa, please let me know. Yarn and such things are great souveniers.

************Edited to Add*****************
I went to Woolworks to look for Australian Yarn stores. Here is what I found:

In Queensland (home of Brisbane and Noosa):
There is Threads & More in Brisbane


Keep Smiling! =)

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