Saturday, September 9, 2006

Help needed

Item the first:
I may be an inconsistent blogger, but I do like it. However, I am not-so-very skillful in the template adjusting department, and I feel like I need to learn how to read all the plain text junk in the template so that I can play with it more intelligently, or I need to find a blog engine that allows me to use some sort of a WYSIWYG page designer so that I can move stuff around/change things, see how it looks, have it generate the code and then let me go back in and tinker with the code if its not quite right.

Item the first and a half:
I think that the blue blog is looking dated, but I finally got some stuff in the sidebar. Is it just a matter of cut-and-paste to move it into a new template?

Item the second:
My TV has stopped working. That is the short problem. In reality, the television, antenna, and TiVo are not working together. Antenna to TV works when they are directly connected. TiVo to TV works, in the sense that all of the TiVo information shows up on the screen, and there is no blue TiVo screen of death (the one that it gets when there is no signal going through). However, Antenna to TiVo to TV does not create viewable television programming. If the antenna doesn't go to the TiVo, then the TiVo can't record.

This problem happened about a month ago, we lived without the TiVo for a while, and then I got a new Coax cable, (but only one, because the connection between antenna and TV was clearly fine), and some more of the composite AV cables (with white, yellow and red connectors) to make sure that the TiVo, DVD/VCR, TV and switcher box were all sufficiently connected. This solved the problem for a while, but now we are back where we started.

Do we have to get cable? In 13 months with Anne we never had this problem (we had cable), and its the same exact TiVo box. The television itself is not very fancy. Is this the problem? Please, if you have a lick of sense about fixing the TV, I'll be eternally grateful and I'll make you cupcakes or yarn or dinner or take you out for drinks or make you warm with knitted things for winter.

Item the third:
Take a look at the sidebar, I made WeatherPixies for my sister in Brisbane and me in Chicago. Now I can look and see what time of day it is there. I'm guessing that no one else cares, but there it is.

Now, I'm hungry and I need to get going on this day that is almost over.

Keep Smiling! =)

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