Monday, September 11, 2006

Going Down Under

Does anyone have any suggestions for must-dos and can't-miss activities in Sydney, Brisbane, Noosa and the general Southern Queensland region of Australia? On the list of possibilities so far:
  • Sydney Opera House tour(s)
  • Bell Shakespeare Company show, The Tempest
  • Droog Design exhibit at Sydney Opera House
  • The beach in Noosa
  • Baha'i House of Worship
  • something called the Woolshed? Woolfarm? Its some sort of museum to wool and sheep.
  • Koala Sanctuary place in Brisbane
  • Australian Zoo
  • day trip to Fraser Island
  • Sydney Harbor tour (if Mom and I get the courage to go on a boat)
  • There are some other places in Queensland with ridiculously funny names that I want to see just so that I can say that I've been to Joohoogooleefaaland (no, that isn't a real place, I made it up)
  • there is a National Park with colored sands. I like colored sands. And sand usually=beach or desert, and I like both of those things.
  • eat Tim Tams
  • exercise to work off all the Tim Tams I anticipate eating
Now, I'm off to meet up with Lavina. Leave suggestions! Mom is booking the hotels, I have to find us stuff to do.


David said...

Beth Semler did a Syndey Harbor Bridge tour where you get to go up on the bridge structure that looked real cool on her page.

beth said...

Hey Katy,

I only had a few days in Sydney, so I can't speak for too much. The Bridge Climb is completely amazing. I definitely was not mad that I paid the outrageous price for it. Jus tbe prepared to shell out a lot of cash for photos, if you want them.

If you're a theater person then you should definitely do the Opera House. They have two tours: one that costs over $100 but goes backstage and all, and one that's about $20 that is still pretty nice. I saved my money for the bridge, and i'm glad of it.

Otherwise, neat things in Sydney include the aquarium (really really nice), the zoo (I didn't go, but my friends loved it), and there are a few cool museums (the Powerhouse was the only one I made it to, though). Oh, and the Botanic Gardens are free and absolutely stunning. The Oz Tower (really tall building) is alright, but don't expect much more than a really cool view.

Hope that helps...


beth said...

Oh, and make sure you see Darling Harbor at night. It's gorgeous. And the Aquarium and some museums are right there.

Lavina said...

Thanks for accompanying me in my stalkin... er, quest for free arts events. Natch.

I still have root beer barrels in my bag. Sweet!