Monday, August 1, 2005

A trip to the zoo

The boy that I've been seeing (you've probably read a post or two) and I had a super duper day on Saturday. It was totally worth getting up at the butt crack of dawn (though it wasn't really, since it was summer, 7:30 is more like the shoulderblades of dawn) to go to the Green City Market, the Lincoln Park Zoo, eat blueberries and crackers on the porch, play Set in the living room, cuddle/nap on the couch, eat dinner at the short tables at Kopi and hang out in my apartment. Yup, that's three (3) meals together in one day. Lunch didn't really happen, but there was much grazing throughout the day.

That picture up above is a Sichuan Takin. It is a smelly, funny looking creature, related to the musk ox. Both sexes have horns. And it was ridiculous looking, so Jeremy took a picture of it. I have cropped out the zoo enclosure portion of the photo for your up-close viewing of the creature.

I love flamingos. So we took more pictures near them. I was unaware that some flamingos are ugly. And some live in the mountains of Chile.

This is a picture of J and I. He is very tall, which leads to a very long wingspan, which equals arms long enough to hold the camera to take a picture of himself. Pretty good aim, if I do say so myself. He go both of us, fairly centered, and some flamingos too. Oh, how I love those ridiculous pink birds.

Did you know that there are commercially prepared flamingo food pellets? I didn't either.

Have a great day!


Secret Pal said...

Great Pics, Glad you had a good time this weekend, you deserve it!

David said...

Looks like you had a cool day. Outstanding.