Sunday, August 7, 2005


That is my new desk, if you follow the link, that I got for half the list price because it was on sale. I was concerned about taking up too much common area space, but its nice to be able to work on the computer without being on the couch. And now the printer has a place to live. The desk is just the right size for my apartment, and I think that it will double as a craft table nicely.

If you didn't follow the link, the desk has four legs (instead of particle board panels), a lower shelf and the top, and it is made of solid wood. The only not-so-sturdy parts are a few pieces of plastic in the hardware asssortment used to assemble it, and I don't think that they make or break the piece. It also matches my dresser, nightstand and bookshelf. I still would like the mirror, and someday when my room is larger, the bed with underbed boxes. If I ever have a dining room that needs a table, the line can take care of that as well. There is more matching furniture for the living room, but I don't want to wear out your link-clicking finger. Can you tell that I like my stuff to match? For some reason, there is no appeal to me in hunting through antique shops or garage sales for just the right piece to go in a room. And I'm not going to spend the kind of money that "real" furniture costs. As far as I can tell, department store-type furniture costs more because they have sales people and deliver it assembled. And you can't have it in your house the next day.

There you have it, Leksvik is my favorite IKEA furniture line. and Kosta Boda is my favorite art glass brand. If I ever get married, I will absolutely be registering for beautiful Kosta Boda serving platters and vases. I discovered my affinity for their products when my cousin Amy was getting married and I spent a lot of Saturday afternoons in the Marshall Field's housewares/china departments with my mom and aunts. I don't think that she asked for anything from KB, which is her loss, really.

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