Tuesday, August 2, 2005

So soft and tiny

Over the weekend, I finally justified buying Last Minute Knitted Gifts with the birth of Avi Samuel Chetlin (who really is quite adorable). I wanted to make the baby booties in it from Lorna's Laces Angel yarn, so of course I needed the get the pattern. The color in the picture isn't noticeably off, but in real life the stitches aren't as visible or defined. I used the colorway Lorikeet because in the skein it reminded me of all the stripes in his room, though the colors aren't the same. Knit up, they seem like just the right booties for Andrea's baby.

I checked the size with a coworker who also has a newborn, as they seemed ridiculously tiny to me, but he says that they will actually be too big for a newborn, but not for long. At least they won't be too small. For scale, I took a picture of them on my drafting table with an eraser. You can see the mayline in the corner. These things are tiny! In the picture above, they are sitting on top of the cubicle divider.

The booties were so easy and quick to make that now I am going to make at least two more pairs. One for Charlotte, Rick and Rachel's daughter, (in a pastel, but not pink, colorway) and one for Henry, the new son of a shop apprentice. There is tons of leftover yarn, but not enough for a whole second pair, in the 50 yard skeins. I wonder what to do with it. Angora and lambswood is not the most durable fiber mix, so a scarf is out, but I'm sure that I'll find something.


SP said...

Great Job! They look wonderful and I bet they will be appreciated!

David said...

good looking work - and yes, small.