Tuesday, August 2, 2005

So many crafts, so little time

I craft on Monday evenings with a group of lovely girls in the Crafty Ladies. I mainly knit, because I like that, but they do all sorts of things, and as far as I know, everyone knows how to make things with sticks or hooks and string. Coming up in September is Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park, where the Ladies will have a booth/table to sell our wares. and then, in November, there is the DIY Trunk Show. This brings me to what I need ideas for. I need to make something to sell. Or somethings. And in the long run, I'd like to have my own business name because well, it seems like a good idea.

Here is my list of ideas for things to make:
  • Etched glassware (maybe numbered wine glasses? multilingual labels (wine - vino - vin - wein)? flowers on vases? candle holders?)
  • handknit cotton coasters in sets of 4 (organic is an option here)
  • Gocco-printed note cards - I'd have to come up with some clever ideas for things to put on them, but it would be a great excuse to buy a Gocco
  • handknit tampon/pad purses (also good for a wallet, phone and keys) I've made one for me and my roommate suggested that maybe I could make them for Renegade.
  • Sculpey buttons (using the translucent kind that picks up printed and colored pencil images)
  • Knitting notions/accessories--beaded stitch markers, bead bracelet row counters, point protectors (gotta check on the suitability of my idea first), large head blocking pins.
  • braided fabric/rag rugs/coasters/placemats
  • felt/embroidered sewing needle books
Now, I realize that I'm not going to make a ton of money at this, but the other girls seem to have a lot of fun with it, and the community of craftsters out there is pretty cool, so I want to find something that I at least won't *lose* money doing.

I can't do marble magnets, needle cases, felted bags, soap, felted flowers, shrines, buttons, cozies, or t-shirts because other girls do those things in the group. If you go to the webpage, you should know that Janine, Kat and Tabatha are no longer with us, having moved away, but I don't want to make any of those sorts of things anyway.

So, if you have any thoughts on products for me, then share away via comments or email. Coming soon: Ideas on business names and a contest!


Your Secret Pal soon to be revealed! said...

I think you should do some of each!!! Expand your horizons! Be able to provide many things! BTW, package in the mail today. This is the last one and it is something I have enjoyed!!!! I really hope that this was a fun experience for you! You are such a joy to have as my first SP!

Varsenik said...

I am considering applying to Carnegie Mellon for undergrad PTM this year. I wanted to get a student's thoughts on the program. Anything you want to share?