Friday, July 22, 2005

This just in from BabelBabe

I'll answer these in a bit, maybe even before David's, because they are easier and have fewer parts. But either way, its back to doing Bob's bidding. =)

1. You must take an 8-hour bus trip with three toddlers, or with a strange dog that you must care for, or with your worst ex-significant-other. Which do you pick, and why?

2.Cat person or dog person?

3. You can have free plastic surgery to fix a part of your body you don't like but once it's fixed, you are required to keep it covered. (i.e. if it's a tummy tuck, no belly shirts)Do you still do it?

4. A friend asks you to house-sit for a month but neglects to mention until the night before that housesitting entails caring for and feeding her twelve-foot python. Do you still do it? And if no, how do you get out of it?

5. You may eat only one type of fruit and one type of vegetable for the rest of your life. Which fruit and veg do you pick?

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