Tuesday, July 5, 2005

something witty

This is a picture of the needle case, stitch markers, sheep, safety pins and the edges of the booklets.

I got these two booklets, Magic Loop and Beginner Stitches. The Magic Loop is a way to make small circumference circular items using a very long circular needle. I will try it one of these days, when I'm feeling patient.

This is a closeup of the stitch markers, though a bit blurry. As I type this, I am remembering that I could've set the camera to MACRO mode to get a clear, close-up picture. Next time. I really like these stitch markers, they inspire me to want to make my own.

That's all for the pictures.

In other Knitting news... i have no idea what I was going to write here. The phone rang and I got distracted by work. Its time for bed. Leave comments, people!


Anonymous said...

Great pics!!!! I am so glad you liked the stuff and the stitch markers inspired you. My friend made them as I would get shot if I came home with yet another hobby. I have some extra beads from god knows what. Let me know if you would like them and I would be happy to send them to you! Here's to having a better week at work! And I am very glad that you were able to get the pictures up!

Peg said...

Educate a baby knitter who knows only how to knit (remember, can't purl to save my life)... what are stitch markers for? So you can remember where you left off, I'm guessing... but where / how do they fasten to your work?

P.S. Katarina is such a beautiful girl!

Katy said...

Stitch markers are for keeping your place. So that you everytime you get to one, its a reminder to do something (usually) different. Knitting in the round uses a marker as well for noting the beginning of the round (since it isn't flat, you don't know as easily when you've started a new row). The ring ones (in the picture) hang out on your needle between stitches, moving up as you go. There are other ones that hook onto a specific place and don't move, those are removable (hence the hook)

You should read Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting without Tears". My aunt's knitting group's motto is "life is too short to purl" and they pretty much make things in the round or garter stitch.