Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Electronic Leash

Today we got new cell phones at work. This also means that Nate and I are in the system and are officially on the CSSI electronic leash. I have mixed feelings about this situation overall, and generally disapprove of the hardware chosen, but it is not within my control. Here is the phone itself:LG VX4700. We are using Verizon because there aren't dead zones between the shop and Bob's house. And I think that its less expensive than Nextel.

I'm still keeping my regular T-Mobile, Minneapolis phone number cell phone, mostly because my dad pays for it and its the number everyone has. Also, I'm not sure how personal usage works with a work mobile. I know that we have unlimited IN Calling on the Verizon plan, so that's easy. (The new boy and I can talk all we want! :] ) I'm pretty sure that Bob has no idea how much trouble/expense we could cause with the new phones. They didn't spring for the camera phones, since you can't get Push-To-Talk with a Camera phone, and apparently the PTT was more important to Traffic than Camera phones were to PMs and Job Leads. Or they just made a bigger fuss.


I actually just did a bit of research, and you can get PTT with Camera Phone, but it wouldn't be free. And it appears that our lot of 8349762 phones, since they are all the same, were free. Also, the person in accounting who was assigned to deal with the phones has never owned nor used a cell phone, so he had no idea what he was getting (hence no belt clips or head sets included, and Silent/Vibrate is not very intuitive) when they sold him the phones.


If you wish to have the new mobile number that I will be required/expected to have on my hip from 6:45am until I am home for the night, then leave a comment and I'll email it your way. David, if you send me an "update entry" thing from Plaxo, I'll even fix it there for you.

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David said...

It turns out TMobile works no better in Forest Hills than does Verizon or Sprint. Which is a bummer.

Although the bigger bummer now is that I have no phone - so I guess it doesn't matter how the service is - that and I'm in Texas, so service in Forest Hills wouldn't help anyway.