Monday, July 25, 2005

I <3 SP5

I got my July package from my Secret Pal today. It came in a fancy schmancy blue and green spotted bubble mailer. I will write the full list either towards the end of this post, or in a separate one.

I have had this post open for a while, so maybe a quick ellipses entry and then I'm turning it off.

It is soooo hot, I can barely believe it... I had two (2) very good dates with the new boy, I like him a lot... the boy is going to Ireland for 3 weeks in a week... my roommate wants us to do some serious cleaning this weekend... a Marriott show is much easier to deal with if you work on the project from the start... non-neon rope lighting is ugly... I can barely believe that the a/c is on... there is no food to speak of in the fridge for lunch... I have to leave by 6am tomorrow because of road resurfacing on my street... sooo hot, why didn't I change out of my jeans after work?... I am the luckiest girl ever (but many of you have heard that before) =]... I got my car washed today, I totally understand now how J can love the smell of automatic car washes (besides knowing the background to it)... they did a great job, even found the missing size 11 dpns that were apparently lost under a seat or something... I seem to have no attention span... today, Tom asked if David came into town this summer... I really like the boy... my SP rocks... and now, it is time to go.

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Secret Pal said...

Your Secret Pal thinks you rock! I am glad you were happy with the schtuff! Glad you had 2 great dates...wish I could help you clean...and hope it cools down for ya!