Saturday, July 29, 2006

Whoa that was slow...

I have a very conscientious One Skein Secret Pal, who sends the packages the first week of the month in which they are supposed to arrive, as opposed to me who tends to send them in the third week. This time, however, she sent it with a postmark of July 6, and I didn't receive it until yesterday, July 28th. It was not coming from Korea, or Iran or Denmark... this package was coming for New York state. I'm not sure where it went on its way here, but it must have gone via Alaska or something.

Here's what was in my package:That is the package laid out in my kitchen. She sent a lovely card and the envelope was a sturdy Tyvek one with a yarn-themed mailing label. There is also a pattern printed out in color from MagKnits and slipped into a sheet protector as an appetizer.

The main course:This is a skein of RY Classicyarns Cashsoft Aran in shade 004. The fiber content is 57% extrafine merino, 33% microfiber, 10% cashmere. It is a lovely light blue color with a bit of shine. There are 95 yards in the 50 gram ball.

Then, there was a tube of lip gloss that is supposed to freshen breath. I haven't tested whether it does that, but from the strong taste, I believe the claims. Here is a blurry picture:
Do you see that cute yarn and needles graphic on there? Yes, I think its darling and fun.

Thanks secret pal! I love getting packages, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for a completed item in August.

Keep Smiling! =)

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