Saturday, July 1, 2006

Its that time of year

I held out all through June, managing to get out of town for the two worst weekends, but today, on July 1, around 4pm, I gave in and installed an air conditioner. Last year, we had the a/c set up in the first or second week of June, and ran it through September. This summer in Chicago has been having major ups and downs in temperature, but its just so hot and muggy today that I did it. All by myself.

The curtain is up between the dining room and the hallway, and the cooling unit is chugging away. Last summer the a/c raised our electric bill by about $10 or less per person, and we had a unit in both bedrooms and in the living room. So far, I haven't put in the one in my room, but that is mostly because it is too messy to get to the window or deal with the cords.

I will be trying to post more often, I think of things all the time that would be neat to write up, but then I forget, or just don't get to it.

Stay cool!

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