Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mystery Love

The second weekend in June is Brandeis Used Book Sale time here in Chicago. This was the last year for it (until another charity decided to continue it in the future) because the ladies who ran it are getting old and dying. Most of the paperbacks are $2 each, and they have mountains of them. I have been meaning to try a few different authors, and got one each from a few. This week, I have read two mysteries by new-to-me, quite prolific mystery writers, and enjoyed them both.

The first, suggested by Deidre from Spinning Guild and Knitting Guild, was Dick Francis, who writes horse-racing stories. The second, who I think counts David as a fan, was Robert B. Parker who writes the Spenser novels. I am sorry that I only have the one from each to read because they were quite enjoyable, quick little things. Perhaps I should explore the Chicago Public Library beyond the knitting books and the meeting room.

I will write up more about these later, perhaps, but for now, I'm hungry and its time for some lunch and sugary caffeine.

Keep Smiling! =)


Anonymous said...

Dear One Skein Pal,
Have you received your latest package? I mailed it in early July, so I am worried that some Post Master between here and there may be enjoying your skein.

Katy said...

Dear Pal,
I have not received my July package yet... I fear that you might be right about a knitting Postmaster... I'm keeping my eyes peeled, a package from ThreadBear took about 10 days to get here. I emailed you about this earlier tonight/yesterday.
Love, Katy