Friday, February 4, 2005

On the cusp of two generations

I've been a lazy bum recently on the job search front. Which makes the reports from behind the masking flat really unexciting. However, "things are moving forward" in Chicago. I don't know what that actually means, but it wasn't a "life sucks, we have no money to hire you, go away." So maybe its good. A load-in for the auto show is keeping them busy, so we are scheduled to talk monday afternoon.

Today I worked for dad because Bob was sick with the same stuff Andrea has, and so I had to do an install. Normally installs take around 2 hours. I was there for about 6 today. This was the most high maintenance man EVER, and that's saying a lot for a sign customer.

***Request for information***We now interrupt your reading to ask the public a favor. Go to this site ( and leave a comment if you can figure out what BridgeWorks does, or what the "Generational Puzzle" is or why it needs to be solved.***End Request***

Nothing was right, he thought that he knew what he wanted but then when he got whatever that was, it was still not right and he didn't know what to do. I was one of 3 installers there today; me, the security system installer and the IKEA FURNITURE ASSEMBLERS!

Who hires people to put together their desk and shelves from IKEA?? If you aren't going to realize the cost savings of ready-to-assemble, particle board, flat-packed, self-serve furniture by taking it home in your car and putting Bolt 34 into Hole A on Panel C4, then get some real furniture from a regular furniture store. Don't get IKEA furniture and have it delivered and assembled by people that you have to pay.

End Rant. Its been a long day. The install was a lesson in smile and nod, undermining, and insanity. I'm going to go read now.


David said...

Breathe deeply.

Katy said...

that was a pretty panicky entry. maybe a calm one later on.