Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Neighborhood Info Guide

Neighborhood Info Guide: "Conservative
budgets suggest allocating between 25% - 35%
of income for housing expenses. The following
table illustrates how much you can spend on
rent based on your annual income."

So, it looks like I should be looking for something between $600 and $875/month max to be within reasonable affordable housing limits... that sounds like a lot for an apartment. I don't want to stretch it too thin, what if I suck at managing my money? But then again, being cheap I always seem to end up with a horrible apartment or a crazy roommate, so maybe spending a little to get a little isn't such a bad idea?


David said...

What? Where? What's the gig?


Katy said...

CSSI, Assistant Project Manager-in-training, found out yesterday, still need to accept(but I will) before noon tomorrow, any advice about moving/finding a vermin-free home/etc is appreciated and invited. real post later

David said...

If you haven't committed to Wrigleyville yet, you might want to look into Wicker Park. It might be easier access to CSSI (although much farther from the lake).