Friday, January 21, 2005

no further progress

I should definitely NOT go to grad school. Why not? Because eventually, in my third year, I would have to write a thesis. I would have the cleanest apartment in New Haven and my friends would all have lovelyknitted scarves, embroidered dishtowels and marble magnets, but I would not have a thesis. I can't even get myself to write a cover letter or make a cold call. Somehow, I keep thinking that they phone will just ring. I am wrong, but I only appear to understand that on the intellectual level.

Maybe tomorrow will go better and I will write a cover letter. The problem is that I think that someone should hire me because they need someone and I'm good enough at what I do. Its not like I've ever had my ankle broken from scenery that I built and rigged falling from the sky. And I have a desire to work, not sit on my grandma's couch and drink beer while I grow into the couch and my skin rots away from being unwashed. I can even be a future industry leader if I have a chance to be entry-level and gain confidence amongst my peers. I promise not to go home for two weeks and fall off the face of the earth while my show goes to shit, and then come back and not really know what's going on or why people are mad.

This is all. Please hire me. Please, someone, show me how to use the hello bloggerbot to post photos to the web.

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