Thursday, January 6, 2005

Smart, Organized and Unemployed

Since this page is already bookmarked by people, I am not going to make a new blog. But I am going to be changing the topic from "Crew Reports for the Duchess of Malfi" to "Katy Kelsey's Hunt for Employment that Actually Uses her Ridiculously Expensive Education." The most interesting changes (besides the content, of course) will be title and template. Its a new year, it'll be a new blog. Of course, the "Crew Reports" will still be available in the September-December 2004 Archives for interested parties to peruse.

I am changing the title temporarily to "Hire Me! I'm behind the Masking Flat!" and presenting you, the nonexistent public, with a list of new title choices. Vote/Rank/Deride/Suggest Alternatives in the comments. And now for the new title options.... drum roll please....
  1. Smart, Organized and Unemployed
  2. Tales of a Slave to ArtSearch
  3. Will TD for Food
  4. Jobseeking TD Person (if you vote for this one, you are off the island)
  5. Drafts, Budgets, Plans, will Travel
  6. Hire Me and My 9.75 Fingers
  7. Today: Unemployment Line, Tomorrow: Blueline
  8. My Resume Got Struck Last Sunday
  9. "Cover Letter? Where is that on the plan?"
  10. Bandsaw. Not just for breakfast anymore.
  11. No nails were harmed in the construction of this blog
  12. What's so maybe about Katy?
  13. The Real World Needs Scenery
  14. Your first job will start at 7 a.m.
And others rejected due to being better for other demographics:
  • Will Tech for Food (stage managers)
  • Have nuts, will bolt (boys)
So leave your opinion and suggestions in the comments and expect a change by the end of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

drafts, budgets, plans, will travel strikes me as the best.


David said...

Off the island - for voting or nominating?

David said...

How about "Brother, can you spare a gig?"

Katy said...

Off the island if you vote for it.