Wednesday, December 8, 2004


I got drawings from Noah today. I had Nicole convert the VectorWorks "as of focus" plot into an acad file so that I would be able to navigate it. Unfortunately, give me a vw file and you may as well have handed me two bricks and a stick and said, "go make some dinner." It just won't happen. I have no idea what to do. But if the conversion went correctly, which I think that it did, then I have found 2 gremlins so far.
  1. The part of the proscenium that actually moves in and out is not in his plot, resulting in the thickness of the proscenium being 2'-2 1/16" in my groundplan and 1'-10 3/8" thick in the lighting designer's groundplan. That is 4" right there.
  2. In my groundplan, the Show Portal is situated under lineset 5, mostly downstage of it, but a with some upstage of the lineset as well. In the lighting designer's gp, the show portal is entirely downstage of lineset 5 and is also shown with 1/2" less thickness.
  3. The distance between the most upstage edge of the fire curtain track and the downstage edge of the Show Portal is 3'-4 1/2" in my groundplan and 3'-2 13/16" in the LD groundplan. There is another 2" so now we are up to 6" accounted in discrepancies between the TD's as-built groundplan and the Lighting Designer's as-of-focus groundplan.
The next step is to get into the space with a tape measure and see which of these drawings is correct with regards to reality, or if neither of them is correct, what does reality say. In both drawings, the Fire Curtain Track is 4" thick, which sounds slim compared to reality, but we'll see.

More updates to follow after I measure stuff tonight. woohoo!

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