Monday, January 10, 2005

Another day

Another dental emergency. I was supposed to work for my dad today until 1-ish and then go and do errands and generally be liberated from sign store purgatory, but one of the women whose children I babysit broke a tooth and called me at work to babysit. So, I had even better reason to be liberated... er... leaving... at 1, made some extra money and still did my errands afterwards.

On the job search front, no progress has been made. This week I would like to try contacting Showman Fabricators. Some other shops are on my mind, but I'm not as certain that they would be open to receiving cold call type resumes. Here they are: Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc, Adirondack Scenic, The Design Group and The Goodman Theatre.

Re-looking through the Goodman's employment section on the website, I noticed a job called "Scene Shop Assistant"... it appears to be more along the lines of "we don't let you actually build scenery, but you make it so that the real carpenters can get it done without worrying about the little stuff like hardware stock and if the van has gas." Also, they just re-posted the ATD job to ArtSearch, with a revision of being available July 2005. I already applied for that gig in October and never really heard back. Would it be bad if I applied as the Scene Shop Assistant with the hopes of moving up to ATD if I was a good little helper? Would it even be appropriate to mention that I wanted to make that move? The SSA job is right at my level... organizing, maintaining and not too much actual scenic construction. I prefer to be the brains rather than the brawn to most any task. But if I have to do the heavy lifting, I don't want a wishy-washy supervisor. Either figure it out yourself, or let me do it.

This is getting rambly, I think that maybe I am back in sign store purgatory tomorrow. We got new carpet and the store was repainted over the weekend, so most of my time today was taken up with getting the phones working again (who knew there were so many different ways to hook all the pieces together?) and the tools and supplies back on the shelves. Oh, and taking the opportunity to throw shit away that has been sitting around since (sometimes) before my dad even bought the place, no one has ever used, and yet he insists on keeping "just in case." In fact, we have trashed about 35 clipboards. I have no idea why there are so many, but they don't stack nicely, we don't even use one of them, they collect dust and take up tons of space. Yeah, yeah, should've taken them to a needy community group or charity thrift store or something, but that's how the stuff builds up for so long, no one ever actually takes it that far and it just keeps sitting around. So now, I am horrible and wasteful and sending stuff to the dumpster. We still have some more, if you want them. Let me know.

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