Thursday, November 15, 2007

A word problem about knitting

I may be in a funk, and generally cranky, but I've decided to knit the Sweet Baby Hat (Ravelry) for a small, related child. The question is, which size to knit that will give me the best chance of a hat that fits someone at Thanksgiving.

I have babies of cousins who are 19 months, 5 months and in utero. if my hat size choices are 6months, 1 year and 2 year, and i have no idea, nor do I particularly care about my gauge (there is hope of hitting it, so I'll be in the size ballpark), which size should I make to maximize the possibility that it will fit a small child at Thanksgiving?

I currently think that the 1 year size is where I'm going to head.


Robin said...

I'm thinking make the 1 year size and it will fit one of them!! Kid knitting is so tough - I have three little cousins and I always have a difficult time figuring out sizing issues too.

Katy said...

I made the one year size, and its freaking adorable. It better fit someone!