Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas List

Edited 11-15-07 and 11-23-07

Mom has asked what I want for Christmas, so here's a link list. Yes, I know that its huge and extravagant, but it wouldn't be a surprise if gift-givers didn't have lots of choices.

I would like someone to plan and cook healthy, yummy meals for me. There is no link for that. Sorry. If I knew where to get it, I already would have taken care of it.

A new laptop battery. It would be really exciting to really be unplugged for more than 20 minutes. Also, I haven't found a pocket or purse-sized WiFi internet device that I desire, so improving the current laptop would be a better move.

Danskos? New Clarks? Good sneakers? I need some new shoes.

A seltzer water maker

Knitting Camp for 2008

Yarn School for 2008 (no info yet online... maybe I should ask for my birthday?)

Schoolhouse Press
has nice things. So does Levenger.

A Craft Zine Subscription

Books to read! I am lousy at choosing, but mysteries, feminist sci-fi, regular SF/F, good adventures are all good. If its marketed as chick lit, please put it in someone else's stocking or package.

I'd like a teapot. Travel abroad has spoiled me for a tea bag hanging out in my mug.

If you wanted to get me yarn, and were somehow unable to find some clever self-striping sock yarn or something generally pleasant, smooth and made of wool, here is a specific hint: sock-weight yarn with silver in it. Any number of skeins will do, I think that it would make a heavenly Clapotis with many skeins (4), or a pair of socks, hat or small neckwarmer with one.

Etsy Shops I like:
The Interimaginational Institute
Piddleloop Sewing Team
Entrelac Stitch Markers
Shelly Kang's shop
Laurenn McCubbin

The little things, like for my stocking? Chapstick, Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate, Walker's Shortbreads, 3 Musketeers Reindeer, hand cream (I really like the little blue Nivea tins from Walgreens for a dollar)

Some wishlists:

The Loopy Ewe

My Amazon.com Wish List


Dana said...

I owe you a big one. I had no idea what to get my husband for Christmas. never heard of this seltzer maker thing before. I checked it out, and it is PERFECT for him. He is a seltzer snob, and would love to control his own fizz. Not to mention the expense would be sooo much less!

Katy said...


My friend Nicole bought one of those seltzer makers, and so far, she loves it. You should definitely get one for your husband. I should get one so that I quit drinking Coke. The main thing that keeps me from drinking more seltzer is that the Canfield's cans are rarely in stock at the grocery store, and the other brand is way more expensive.

Dana said...

Hey... I got one today! I looked at the site, and the only retailer was some boating store. It's adjacent to the laundromat I use for felting, so I took all my feltable gifts... dropped them off and priced the soda club thingy. It was $75 with a ten buck mail in rebate. NICE! Christmas. Done. Felted. Fizzed. You rock.