Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Yarn, how I love thee

Most anyone who has been around me for about, oh, 23 seconds knows that I love yarn. At 3pm today I received an email from Loopy Yarns' newletter list, with two announcements. They are having a party next Friday night. Yarn parties are good. I went to one last night at Arcadia Knitting. But the second part was even better. There were having a sale. A buck-a-ball sale. Yes, you read that correctly.

Yarn, from a real yarn store, for ONE DOLLAR.

One, measly, American dollar. That is two cans of soda from the machine at work, but with yarn, which is way better than soda. They did mention that when they had some yarn for a dollar on Sunday it flew out of there, so we should get there soon. So I did. (I am good at following directions like that. I like yarn.)

I got there by 5pm, and one of my friends from the Knitting Guild, Nancy, was working there today. She could see the gleam in my eyes, hooked me up with a basket, and pointed me to the sale yarn. Well, I saw a few piles on the back table, and thought that's all there was. Oh, was I wrong. The owner, Vicky, showed me that there was a whole bookcase and a spinning rack full of yarn that was, yes, I'll say it again

ONE DOLLAR... for yarn...

I was in heaven, and shock, and air-conditioning, all at once. So what did I get?

Two full, big bags of yarn (I usually only buy less than one small bag when I go to a yarn shop), containing:

Elsebeth Lavold Chunky AL in the color Still Water, a lovely blue that calls out to be something for me. (11 balls) This is an alpaca-wool blend, 50g balls with 82 yards per ball

Elsebeth Lavold Chunky AL
in the color Poppy, a bright orange, that I intend to send to a friend in Indiana who loves the color orange. (7 balls)

Linbel Tourage in the color 101, a multi-color blue, that will be sent to a friend in Texas. This is a cotton-linen-viscose blend. (7 balls)

Cleckheaton Gusto 10 in a nice blue, for charity knitting. This is a wool-mohair-acrylic blend and its super-duper-huge-chunky. (3 balls)

Cleckheaton Gusto 10 in a natural-cream-white color, also for charity knitting. (3 balls)

Its wonderful. My yarn cravings might have been satiated for a while. (but if you were thinking of sending yarn, you should anyway)

oh, and at the bottom of my receipt, it says, "Today you saved $198.77". I saved way more than 4 times what I spent on yarn. To paraphrase the Yarn Harlot, a knitter will not pass up on yarn she believes the store to be losing money on. And Nancy still wrapped up all my treasures in the tissue paper and into pretty red bags, even though they lost a bundle on my purchase. I like the products that Arcadia stocks better, but Loopy always feels like a deal.

P.S. There was still yarn on the shelf when I left, and in the rack that spins (filled with Cascade Sierra). They are closed on Wednesdays, so get thee to the yarn store on Thursday, but call first and see if there is anything left. Its yarn, people. For $1! That's better than any price on yarn anywhere.

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