Thursday, August 24, 2006

Show and Tell Thursdays

Current Toothbrush holder
Originally uploaded by tdgirl.

I suggested the topic for S&T and then almost didn't get the post made. Lame-o! Last night, I was exhausted from shopping for work, and it was Wednesday. Tonight, I was watching Gray's Anatomy re-runs and knitting quite contentedly. Then, as I was thinking about going to bed early, I remembered that I needed to post about my awesome toothbrush holder. Here it is, in all its easy-to-clean glory.

And this is a note-filled narrative in a picture of where I *used* to keep my toothbrush:
Previous Toothbrush holder

If you click on either picture, you can see other views, with the captions, about why my toothbrush holder is great, and totally worth the $9.99 at Target.


blackbird said...

An excellent toothbrush holder, I must say...

now - as for show and tell, yes, you certainly could share pics on Flickr and then link to them in my comments so people know.
but, Katy, I think only a couple of people played this week (low summer attendance) so you'll need to go check my comments and see who's up...

Joke said...

I have that soap!