Saturday, August 19, 2006

Progress and Fun

If you take a look on the right hand side, you will notice that I updated the sidebar a bit. Took out the outdated buttons, added a list of blogs-I-read (I'm just the last kid on the block to do that), and

Got a Flickr! Badge!

I have wanted one for a while, but there are a lot of steps (well, a few, surprisingly, freakishly easy ones). First, you have to have a Flickr! account with some pictures in it, then you have to pay attention to your blog, then you have to put the Flickr!-generated code into the sidebar. I picked Flash. If this messes anyone up, let me know. I can change it. Like I said, freakishly easy.

I am in the process of uploading pictures from the camera to the computer and then the computer to both York Photo (for my mom) and Flickr! (because that's where people who aren't my mom actually look at pictures). I have knitting stuff, photos of the new Guthrie and the amazing, spectacular, awe-inspiring, incredible, why-don't-I-live-in-Minneapolis, how-did-they-ever-figure-this-out view of the Mississippi river, pictures of bridesmaids' bouquets, and wedding reception pictures. It will be fun. I want to upload the full-size images to Flickr! to save time on resizing. Is the Pro! account worth it? Is there a batch resizer program out there that even I can figure out?

I found the source of the horrible smell in my kitchen, and cleaned a lot of other surfaces along the way. I still need to keep at that battle tomorrow. Now that isolated areas are clean, I see how dirty I've let the rest of that room go. A bigger dustpan and a mop bucket are on the shopping list.

Arcadia Knitting had a yarn exchange party today. I went with oddballs and small bits, but the stuff I brought was kind of lame. I definitely came out ahead, mostly by hovering on the donation bin. You see, it was allowable to swap with the donation pile, as long as you didn't take more than you gave. I put in my weird random yarn to the yarn swap process, and came home with some good stuff. There will be a separate post for that fun.

I still need to work out the details, but I will, soon enough, have exciting news about my progress in the fiber arts world. But I don't want to jinx it. Though if you read the comments, well, there you go.

I am up to 14.5" on the back of my Brioche Bodice. And I finished a hat with the annoying Cleckheaton Gusto yarn for Adopt-a-Native Elder. All that fat yarn is making my hands tired. (or is that the typing and web surfing?) I need to go back to my Baby Surprise Jacket and sock swatching.

Is it wasteful to use superwash, handpainted, merino yarn in a blanket? I want to do a modular blanket, a la Shelly "could I please have some scraps" Kang, with it, ever since I was sent over to Shelly's website by Ms. Stephanie "let's bury her house in yarn" Pearl-McPhee.

Marcy will be teaching an Argyle Sock class this fall. I hope that it fits into my schedule, because I absolutely want to take it. Even if I have to buy expensive yarn and pay the expensive class fees (I am totally spoiled by the 24 person WCKG classes) to take it. How 1950s of me, knitting argyle socks. Maybe I'll find a boyfriend to put in them too? Ha! One shocker at a time, people.

Why does Target keep the Archer Farms Sparkling Mineral Water hidden? The yucky flavors are featured, but the plain stuff is hidden away, out of sight, not where you expect to find it. Its a good deal too, 99 cents for a big bottle of it. The imported stuff is around $1.29 minimum for the same size bottle.

Keep Smiling! =)

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Shelly Kang said...

Hi, Katy - just came over to check out your blog and noticed you're considering argyle socks. If you do take the class and can use fingering weight, I have a pretty huge pile of solids that I got as part of my "burial". Let me know what colors you like and I can send you a package.