Saturday, March 5, 2005

There are no bad ideas: Worlds collide

There are no bad ideas: Worlds collide

David seems a bit worried about connecting two otherwise totally separate ends of his life... but he needn't do so.

Hanging out with Stephanie got me thinking though. I wonder what Marisa is going to do post-theater, since it seems like David's theater-world girlfriends have to go on to be something uber-successful in a totally different field. Stephanie is a lawyer. Dr. Debra Gilboa is, well, a doctor. Hedge makes soap (but I don't know if she's uber-successful at it). I'm under the impression that there's another lawyer out there, but I have no idea who it is. Maybe Marisa will join the clergy? become an activist? who knows.

And the very important part of the tire story is that before she left, David told S. "don't wreck the car." He had just gotten his truck, and she was driving the car to work. Then the giant truck tire came bouncing down the bridge towards her, smashed into the passenger side, and obliterated all of the windows and the passenger side of the car. *Poof* And all she could think of was, "oh my god I wrecked the car. David said, 'don't wreck the car.' and then I wrecked the car."

Unfortunately for David, he didn't have to respond to her email with his phone number, since I have it saved in my cell from the days of advisor-on-call, for her to be able to barely-semi-drunk dial. Good times.

Keep Smiling! =)

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