Monday, March 28, 2005

too cool for school

So, the apartment hunt continues. I'd like to find a place and be set before I turn 23. That gives me one week left. This is what I've seen so far:

$460 - 1br in a 2br, 2000 sq. ft. apt. available May 1st!

This is my favorite apartment so far. Including utilities (electric, tv, internet) and a garage parking space, it would come to less than $600/month. It is about 20 minutes driving to work. The apartment is HUGE and has lots of windows. The laundry is CHEAP. There is already the basic furniture, woohoo! Oh, and the best part? The room that would be mind is actually two rooms. One is a smallish, but big enough for a full/queen bed, dresser, the usual bedroom stuff, and off of it is an office/reading nook/craft room space. It makes for the equivalent of a really big room, with more structure to keep me out of bed. All hardwood floors, a good bathroom, large living room, secure front door, back yard, the landlord's wife gardens and apparently brings vegetables all summer.

I haven't even mentioned the roommate yet. She is young, works 9-5 downtown for a not-for-profit and goes to grad school at DePaul for English Literature in the evenings. She likes the Gilmore Girls (I think?) and Sex in the City. She likes to read. The art on the walls is nice, mostly vintage posters. We chatted for a solid hour when I visited.

So yeah, that one is my first choice, we'll see if I get it.

$500 - Kick Ass Wicker Park Apt

I went to see this one today. Not as huge as the one I prefer, but the roommate is cool. I think that we might hang out even if we don't live together. The main selling point for this place is that I could take the bus or walk to work everyday. Its right on Division, and for only $50/month I could get off-street (but uncovered) parking, so there would be many fewer worries with leaving the car all the time than there are in stupid Wrigleyville.

I suspect that I am not hip enough to live in Wicker Park. This is where the Delia, Sarah, Jeff and Ryan's of the world live... the Cool Kid Club is headquartered in Wicker Park, for sure. The apartment has a less secure front door than I would like, and the bedroom faces onto Division. But, a good thing is, the first floor retail is, of all things, a Tea House that is only open Tues-Sunday, and never past 7pm. Probably a front for an opium ring or something, but for sure not a disruptive neighbor.

There have been others, but its getting late... so I'll post tomorrow again. More appointments, and hopefully the Gilmore Girls will be taped so that I don't miss the "fresh new episode."

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