Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Final Dress

The stairs seem to have slid forward.... pressure in the system should fix that. Argh..
  1. Clean top of the doors... ladder and simple green and a rag
  2. Stairs need to be pressurized to hold back... didn't anticipate that problem, as it hasn't been one before there was a cylinder
  3. Flashing needs to be put on early in the day tomorrow for the lower platforms (10:30am... after Management Seminar)
  4. Proscenium Masking clamp... spoke with Matt Hales... he says that the Arcadia masking only looked good because Stevie made sure that no light ever went onto the blacks, but told me what he thinks that Avery did to make it look better, so I'm going to try making them myself
  5. Chandelier clunked... note taken... make sure that it is run in preset
  6. Dan has told me that the railing on the escape platform is falling off... so I'm going to be looking at that in a few minutes
  7. Dave Boevers came to tech notes tonight.
  8. Don't frantically pester people with 2 guns in their hands... its just common sense people!
  1. work from 10:30 on to get all the notes done... I have no classes after that
  2. Tech Tables need to go away tomorrow... Becca is talking to Todd about it.

What we did today:
  • Cleaned up the mess backstage on the Cinderblock Wall Wagon (thanks Harumi!)
  • Got the cylinder installed (woohoo!)... now its time to troubleshoot
  • the railings were cleaned today (yay for the run crew!)

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