Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lacis Order anyone?

I am going to be ordering two weaving needles from Lacis in the next week or so. They have free shipping, but a flat $4.50 handling fee, which is still a fair bit of cost for two needles (even if they are 14" long).

While their website is horrid, Lacis is the source for all sorts notions, both knitting and other needlework (have you ever wanted to try bobbin lace?), and I am more than willing to handle the administrative logistics of a group order if other people want to order with me. I do ask that you be willing to split that handling fee evenly by however many people are ordering, pay me back with cash, check or balance-funded Paypal, and arrange to hand off the goodies at either a Guild meeting (Knitting or Spinning), some other mutually agreeable location, or pay the postage for me to mail you your stuff.

Leave a reply here, feel free to tell your friends. I'll be cross-posting this to a few places.

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