Friday, September 28, 2007

Help Wanted - there is a prize

I have lost my keys in my apartment. They have been missing for a few days now, since Tuesday morning maybe? I am currently using the spares, and relying on my roommate to check the mail. But this is annoying. I got into my apartment, with the mail, so they are in there somewhere.

Leave me any and all suggestions in the comments. I have looked "everywhere" but obviously not, because the keys are still missing. There is a prize equal to 100g of sock yarn from my stash when I find my keys. The basis of who wins will be, the suggestion that leads to finding the keys wins. If you don't knit, or don't like sock yarn, I promise that we will work something out.


P.S. tell your friends, and feel free to suggest more than one spot.


David said...

in the refrigerator?

Ben said...

There's a technique I think I learned from Pinwheel -- I've not tried it, but maybe it'll help you. Take a deck of cards, and scatter it in your apartment. Then go through and pick up each card, looking thoroughly in each location where you find a card.

It's sort of a "focus aid" towards helping you make sure you actually look everywhere.

Dana said...

my handbag has a naughty liner in it that can hide things. And jackets that I forgot that I wore for a fashion statement can hide my keys. Also have found them in the laundry.

noricum said...

Check all pockets (coats, pants, etc).

Under the mail, perhaps?

Start with the last place to look... since things are always there. ;)

lorinda said...

Did you find them? Hope so! If not, did you check in the couch cushions? Did they fall behind the place you usually set them? In a jacket you wore for that one cool morning and then it got warm again? A weird pocket of your backpack?

Good luck!

katerina said...

I commented on ravelry that maybe they were left hanging in the keyhole, but was thinking that if left in the actual door/mailbox keyhole slot, hanging out - would someone else pick them up and drop them off with the apt. manager or something? (I'm kinda assuming you live in an apt. from the mailbox comment)
The other ideas are:
- in your car/trunk/under the seat?
- in a kitchen cabinet (near the snacks)
- dropped in the yard/hall on the way to/from said mailbox

Whenever I really loose something it's because I did something weird that I don't normally do ... i.e. the phone was ringing when I rushed in the door, or I really, really, really had to go to the bathroom or I was putting away groceries.. etc. and put them down while doing something else. Good luck!

P.S. I thought I had lost my license, and was looking EVERYWHERE and finally learned (after living in IL for 2yrs) that when pulled over for a speeding ticket, the officer takes your license!!! (I'm from KY and they don't do that there...) At least I didn't loose it right?

Anonymous said...

On the bookshelf? Maybe you set them there instead of on the little shelf where they go.


Medium Reality said...

my dog hid his collar and tags in the apartment somewhere almost a year ago... had to get him a new one. I like to think it's cuddled up with my mp3 player someplace, which i am also pretty sure is lost somewhere in the house. I am glad you found yours because i clearly don't know how to find things.