Tuesday, September 4, 2007

in 25 days....

It will soon be my blogoversary for this here page, back in 2004 when I was getting geared up for The Duchess of Malfi, my last school show, and making sure that I had all of the requirements figured out so that I would finish school in December with a degree. Which, thankfully (and quite possibly due to Mr. TANBI's academic wrangling) worked out ok in the end, because I have the giant C-sheet diploma, and the smaller wallet-sized version, that announces to anyone hanging out behind my bookcase (where I keep the darn thing in its big folder inside the big mailer) that I got by BFA in Drama.

So, I want to have a contest of some sort. The trouble is, should it be an entertainment industry sort of contest, a knitting sort of contest, a get-Katy-a-new-job contest? I liked doing the photo scavenger hunt from Erin's blog, but I also think it would be fun to have a contest where the winner was whoever made me laugh or just a random number generator, so I could get lots of comments.

Then, there are prizes. Not everyone (or even most folks) who have stopped by over here are knitters, so I'm not certain that yarn is a good prize. But maybe yarn for knitters and knitted potholders for non-knitters?

I know that I don't post much, but that's the beauty of the aggregator feeds, you can still leave me on the list, no muss, no fuss. So, for the first round here at the Mixer, for the first 4 days, until the counter says that it is 20 days until the blogoversary (so, midnight Saturday, in whatever time zone I decide I'm living in) I am taking suggestions for a blogoversary contest. The prizes (up to 3) will be based on discussion with the winners. Winners will be determined either by their idea being chosen (in whole or in part) or random number generator. If you get other people to stop on by with an idea and say that you sent them, you get an extra chance towards winning. Points for zaniness, unfeasible schemes, creativity and ease of administration. Also, if any suggestion has the distinct flavor of a J. Milo Train-generated idea, that person will probably win.

Thanks and take care!


Sarah Louise said...

Contests...create a meme?

or trivia about Pittsburgh?

or Get Katy a job sounds fab--but I'd have no idea how to do that...

noricum said...

Um... who is J. Milo Train? Okay... for a ridiculous suggestion: "Describe who J. Milo Train is, and what kind of contest ideas he would come up with." (I googled him, and didn't get much useful... not on the front page, at least.) ;)

Trish said...

oooh contests....hmmmmm

How about "Tell me your favoritest joke...whoever makes you laugh the hardest wins"


I like the ones where it's random and you just leave a comment.

Trivia is always fun, but then you have to risk that several will get it right and then you will be drawing randomly anyways! Movie trivia would be my preference!