Saturday, November 18, 2006

Things we do do around here

On a more positive note than the previous list meme, here we have:

Things we do do, even if there is something wrong with them:
  • ice cream for breakfast
  • water, all the time
  • water, sparkling (but never flavored)
  • water down the cherry limeade
  • church (there are 3 links there)
  • Christmas Baskets
  • recycle cans
  • lakes
  • mountains
  • Books!
  • wool
  • grilled cheese
  • pop tarts (no more than 4 boxes per year, only on sale)
  • Thai food
  • computer games
  • use the wash, dry, fold service at the Laundromat
  • choose a bank because its in the grocery store
  • take Dad's investment advice
  • call Mom
  • fake Xmas trees
  • pizza
  • vote

Sarah Louise and McCellania and blackbird have all done this one!

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