Thursday, November 2, 2006

Its a post, and not a blogthing

Today was the first day of muddling through Rentals, and I survived. My head doesn't even hurt right now. Its not a mess, and as of today, I haven't screwed up any orders. *knock wood*

I finally beat level 10 of Big Money over at Pop Cap Games. I think that I can stop playing this game now. There are more levels, but I am not confident of passing them, ever. I had a screenshot for you, and then it was just a beige box when I put it into blogger.

Its really cold in here. Why is the radiator not warm? It is going to be 18 degrees Farenheit tonight.

I'm going to Michigan this weekend to see Nicole, but I'll try not to fail at NaBloPoMo. Anyone need anything from Threadbear?

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