Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well, it turns out that I can't upgrade to Blogger Beta. They are taking it slow (which is good), so there isn't a link on my dashboard page to even give me the option. The random decider of who gets the link must have known that I am not the type to switch just because its there. But now that I'm starting to see the new, fancy, upgraded blogs, and I hear about how much easier the navigation is (even if the commenting on non-beta blogs is less easy) I was starting to warm to the idea.

Oh well, its not going to happen today. Maybe after car show season, but before bonus time.

*edited to add*
There sure are a lot of different kinds of plywood around here. Some things never cease to amaze. No wonder it doesn't always get racked... its like a freakin' lumber yard in the land of commercial scenery.

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