Saturday, November 5, 2005

Katy needs

Top 10 results from putting in my name with the word "needs" after it. Most recently seen at Jennifer's blog, Piddleloop.
  1. Katy needs to get home, and get home soon
  2. Katy needs will be taken care of
  3. Katy needs every ounce of her courage
  4. Katy needs fish money
  5. Katy needs dental assistant with dental experience
  6. Katy needs to know
  7. Katy needs to know that her outlook could negatively affect the...
  8. Katy needs checkups less frequently
  9. Katy needs to be part of the overall planning
  10. Katy needs to eat some sweets
This was strangely repetitive (I counted the top 10 unique answers to the search) and seems to be adversely affected by the existence of the town Katy, TX. Thinking of Texas though, got me thinking of Ms. Valerie Light (whose complete name I have put in with the hope that someday she will Google her own name, find this blog and write to me with her current contact information!) and how much I miss her now that she is far, far away in the Republic of Texas.


andrea said...

i googled andrea needs and found a site where another andrea had already done that, which was sort of a meta meme

Anonymous said...

What's equally as meta is I just googled "Katy needs " (cause it's my name) and your post was the first thing that came up.

katy said...

I got here the same way, I'm a Katy too!