Friday, November 11, 2005

200th Post!

I am setting up my etsy shop, which may someday be used solely to direct people to items that I may list in Jen's shop, but for now is my one and only internet selling presence (with no items to sell). To make it complete, I am looking to hire/barter/trade with someone to design a logo and then produce the graphics for a banner and an avatar.

The avatar needs to be 75 x 75 pixels in size.

The banner needs to be 536 pixels wide x 77 pixels tall.

Did I ever mention before that I have no graphic design skills?

Last night, I started to spin up the cream alpaca that I bought at the Windy City Spinning Guild in November. It was prepared as true roving, with all the fibers parallel for a worsted spinning technique. This stuff has the longest staple length, it must be 7+ inches, and its incredibly, unbelievably smooth and soft. I tried to spin up a medium-fine single to ply. The bag of roving is really heavy for its size, like a good cantalope.

Does mail really not get delivered on Veteran's Day? I was hoping for my locker hooking kit to arrive from Marr Haven today, and it didn't. If I'm lucky, tomorrow will be the day.

Yay Post Number 200! I will try to update more regularly now, so that it doesn't take another year to reach #300.


Christine said...

Holy Sheep, Batman! I don't check up on you very often, because you have not really updated! Today I look and you are updated almost daily and there is so much that I missed! Geesh! Congratulations on your 200th post and many more! I'm very excited for your new endeavors! And you are spinning! Woohoo!

jen said...

hi KATY !!!!
i found you!

you just let me know if you want to let people buy your pretty pretty yarn you make!
or just sell it on etsey! either way i think the world needs to use that beautiful yarn!
my whole knit group pawed it thursday.

Katy said...

yay for finding me!

I think that once I make yarn that I am willing to part with, then I will sell it in your shop, Jen. As it stands right now, the only one that I want to send away is the black and orange Halloween yarn.

Does anyone out there dye? I'm not that into it, but ecru yarn gets boring after a while, and I think that it would be fun to have a friend make it pretty colors.