Monday, November 7, 2005

Fiber Overload

Over in the land of LiveJournal, there is a community called Spinning Fiber. It is full of very nice people. One of them is making an initial order to a fiber wholesaler (click the title link) that makes freaking amazing fibers. I'm quite certain that they are the source of some of the best stuff I have used (not like the yucky vegetable matter (vm) filled stuff I have in the bag o' sheep) that was purchased from stores. The only trouble now is deciding if I have $200 to spend on fiber. Its quite an investment in a stash, but I'm also spinning the stuff up pretty fast. The trouble is that in a range of $9-20/pound, on average, of the wools that I would purchase, that is 10-20 pounds of wool to ship to Chicago and also to find a place to store and to spin up.

I think that if I didn't already have the bag-o-sheep, I would be more easily swayed towards all this new wool. Maybe I should just save my money and buy a set of wool combs, then I could prep the bag of Finn-Merino cross wool and spin it. Or I could use that stuff to play around with woolen spinning and buy $200 of fiber and just try my darndest to find a place to put it all in the crammed-with-crafting-supplies apartment. If I got rid of the yarn that I have, there might be room, but I have plans for that yarn. Gah! I am addicted.

Maybe I could use this as an opportunity for extended experiments with different types of wool. There are lots of different types, Merino, Colonial, English, Blue-Faced Leicester, Jacob, Shetland, Corriedale, Wensleydale, and then all the different colors and blends and regular versus superwash. Don't forget about alpaca and angora and all the different kinds of silk. I'm in heaven, but my bank account is groaning loudly at the idea of all this excess.

We definitely need a yahoo-group for the Windy City Spinning Guild, so that I could ask the other spinners if they would be interested without waiting until December's meeting. I'm sure that some of the people there would be game for wool purchasing, co-op style.

This entry is rambling, but I'm just not sure what to do. If anyone reading this is interested in buying even just a few pounds of wool, let me know in the comments. Or, if you want to buy the wool and have me spin it in to yarn for you, that could be arranged as well.

To bed with me.

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David said...

I believe you may have gone off the end.