Friday, April 15, 2005

tax time

So, in the rush to move for the new job, I seem to have forgotten a W-2 somewhere in my parents' house. This is a problem because it is a HUGE house, and very easy to lose things in. And Yale sends out the W-2 forms on regular old letter size printer paper, so there is nothing readily identifiable about this sheet in a stack. But, TurboTax helps you fill out your "Form 4868 Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return" and then insists that you must mail it. I suspected that was not the only option, so I went into the "Get Answers" section, hoping to find an e-file option, and, voila! There was a telefile option. I always thought that telefile was for losers, but nope. Its not, though this is the last year it is being offered by ye olde IRS. Whatever. I not only saved a stamp, but didn't have to find a post office in this city (I haven't seen the one for my zip code yet, ever) or an envelope, and I'm still going to make it to dinner, for my birthday, with Ms. Towner, on time. The stress, which began last night when I realized that I hadn't just worked for my Dad last year, is now over. I will get the missing W-2 next week when Mom gets home from Denver and finds it for me, file with TurboTax and move on with my life. Oh, and get a nice rebate from the Feds too.

Things to do this weekend:
And right now, brush my hair and get my butt out the door to go to dinner.

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