Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Tonight its down to the last three girls! My favorite is Michelynne, she's young and fantastic and from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a girl that I would like to work with on a show or project or something. Mercedes is good, but a lot more nervous. She is the oldest of the three, very elegant, probably not meant for comedies, but she could fit really well into lots of other things. If two could win, I'd take both of them. They are both great, but for different types of roles. Lastly, there is Katie. She is from Chicago. She went to Columbia College. She is incredibly irritating and I keep hoping that she'll get cut, and she keeps sticking around. Sort of like a certain boy who was in my class and just wouldn't get cut, like a cockroach.

So, the three have all gone in to the panel for their critiques, and I think that its going to be Mercedes. But first, the judges will argue between Michelynne and Mercedes. We'll see if training and experience or raw talent and enthusiasm wins.

Back to watching... I'll post the winner!

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