Sunday, April 3, 2005


*GORGEOUS* ROOM AVAILBABLE MAY 1 OR EARLIER: "*GORGEOUS south loop apartment* Available May 1 -OR- earlier, if needed. In search of a female roommate to live with 3 cool, undergraduate girls. You will have your own room with two huge vertical windows in this modern, newly renovated living space with brand new utilities (brand new dishwasher, microwave, etc.). Via the blue line, it is about a 3 min. commute to UIC (2 stops from the lasalle stop). The rent is $543 utilities. You will be sharing a bathroom with one girl. There is an awesome WORKOUT facility, a dry cleaners downstairs, a 24 hour security system, & available covered parking with indoor access and security cameras. This is a big college area with UIC, DePaul, and Columbia students dominating the building. Right next door to the beautiful Washington library (the largest library in the city), starbucks, bookshops, restaurants, michigan ave, and lots of other goodies. The lease continues through Oct.1 with option to extend. Call Danielle, 847-530-0083."

Yup, definitely going to see this one. It sounds nice, its a high-rise -type building, and yeah, why not. I got rejected by my first choice, so I have to jump right back in.

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