Sunday, December 3, 2006

Another unexpected advert...

this time, in my most recent copy of The Economist, I found a large, surprising ad. With white text on a black background (and a freaking HUGE logo), is an ad for Al Jazeera in English, as a worldwide media outlet "uniquely positioned to reverse the global information flow, reporting from South to North...". For some reason, I never really thought about Al Jazeera as being a worldwide media source, or particularly mainstream outside of the Middle East, but I am obviously out of the loop. Do any of you with fancy TV service get Al Jazeera? I want to know what it is like. What kind of an accent do the anchors have? How do the politics swing? Does it look like a regular Western media outlet on screen, or more like a SNL spoof set?

Other things I learned since this ad sent me out of bed and onto the internet:
New things that I wonder about:
  • what is the history of the flags of Qatar and Bahrain that they are so similar?
  • Will these bullet points show up as bullets? They used to, and recently I noticed that my template seems to have lost them. I am sad, and my posts look weirdly unformatted.
  • Am I a nerd more because I love Ben's photos of rigging cable or because I would be very happy if I had a fresh copy of the World FactBook every year?
  • What is a Thessalonian? Where is Thessalonia?
And now, it is time for sleeping, again.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it's Thessolonica and it's somewhere in Greece.

I just catalogued a book about Al Jazeera and I remember thinking, okay, so where should this really go? And now I can't remember what I came up with...

I'm impressed that you get the Economist--the print is so small!

Hope you were able to sleep...